• What is this a joke? Nope. I have been designing WP to be a professional blogging tool of choice with the following super plugin/addon to WP-Admin called WProTools
    Built in TextAds and/or Blogads Serving
    Built in Amazon Store Creation (usng static pages and AWS 4.0)
    Built in BlogTracking (Like BlogPulse)
    Built in Adsense Tracking Tool
    Built in Shaun Inman’s Shortstat
    I have done much of this one by one- i now have to tie it in to one package. I am looking for other tools that might be of service to people who make money using their blogs, or are interested in this type of package. Obviously continuing with the spirit of wordpress I would release it free even though it is all about making money so in a greed based community I would charge a license fee and only let you use it on one blog — and if you made over 1000 month from it we would take 1% of your profits. LOL.
    ^^^ that really sounds like a good idea ^^^
    It’s so easy to be greedy. It would be GPL just like WP.
    Any ideas, comments, feedback, or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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  • My feedback is that it’s sad to see everybody and his dog running AdSense and Amazon affiliate stuff. Gets in the way of content, IMO.
    But, to each his or her own.

    I disagree with NM, I think this is a great idea. After all most of us are actually out of pocket when we do this, do you really begrudge us trying to cover our server costs?!?! Boring blogs won’t earn anything anyway because they won’t get the visitors or click-throughs, but what’s wrong with entertaining writers being rewarded for their efforts?

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