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  • I read a topic on these forums a while back about people wanting to use the same DB for phpBB as they did for WP. Unfortunately, I was unable to do that… I don’t use WP for comments anyways, I use phpBB.
    But I did manage to craft a way to syncronize WP blogs with phpBB2 topics…
    Here is how it works…
    I post something in WP, and it creates a topic on the Blog Response category of my BB identical to my blog. On WP, the comments link points to the newly created topic on my BB. Essentially, I have made phpBB handle my comments rather than WP.
    Many people just link to their bulliten boards if they decide to go this route, but I decided it’d be neat to create a post on that BB, so that people wishing to respond to a blog wouldn’t have to start a topic, they could just respond to the existing one. I also setup phpBB in such a way that no user can create a topic in my Blog Response category, they can only respond to them.
    I managed to do all this without any modification to phpBB2, however… because WP chose to use functions with the same name as phpBB2, I had to modify WP a bit more than I had hoped.
    If anyone is interested in the how-to, please let me know. I would link to my site to show you, but I am still in the process of getting it online and running smoothly.

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  • Sure, I’d like to see that.

    This sounds exactly like something I wanted to do. I’d be very interested in the how-to.

    OK… it turns out that once I completely finished hacking to my satisfaction, I had changed a few more files than I had originally planned to…. sooooo…
    Right now I am in the process of writting a friendly readme… but if you’d like to see the hack in action, please head over to
    I should complete the readme process soon (I hope)!

    Hey have you finished it yet? I would really like to implement that 🙂 e-mail it to me if possible at
    sbarn03 [at] msn [dot] com

    Yes, is it almost finished? This works for me too.

    This is exactly a feature I’ve been wanting to utilize on my site. I’m so glad someone figured out how to do it!

    hehehehe… can-o-worms.
    i’d like to see how you did this. sounds like a really good idea.

    this would be absolutly perfect for my news site. can you send along some more info on it?

    Also interested 🙂

    any word?

    Bump. I want that too!
    Here’s a guess how it works: An action on the post creation creates a phpbb topic, which is then recovered by name instead of the comment link through modifying the template – or maybe stored in the post meta fields and recovered this way. Correct?
    I’m sure it should, in theory, be possible to do without modifying WP core at all, if it’s possible to make WP pass the post creation call to phpbb without sucking it all up into the namespace, but that’d require some magic.

    I’m thinking of trying to make something like this. Though if I do it, I’ll probably change some core files.
    I had been thinking of creating a relational table of corresponding post/topic pairs. When posting, WP would create a new topic and the
    There would also be a table of category/forum pairs. The category of the post would determine which forum it appears in.
    The comments link on the blog page proper would then link to the corresponding topic, and the BB viewtopic template would grab the contents of the blog post and display it in special formatting at the top of the topic.
    Any advice or suggestions would be welcome.



    but what if the user is not registered? does it default to a register/join screen and then take them through? still confused a bit on that one…



    sorry – just realized how that works! shoulda clicked all the way through. really brilliant. would you be willing to share the how-to?



    for clarification, does it NOT create the thread in phpBB until the first time some viewer clicks on ‘comment’? or does each post to wp automatically generate a topic and pull the text..?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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