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  • I’m developing a plugin to display stats for downloads and various other information that developers might want to display on their sites.

    I’ve found documentation on some of what I need and dug up some other undocumented resources I can use, but the one thing I still haven’t been able to dig up is where I can retrieve the downloads today information that is shown on a plugin’s stats page.

    All the other stats in the history table could be parsed from the URL below, but that link provides no information on a day that is currently in progress.[plugin-slug]

    For those curious, the other APIs already being used are:[plugin-slug] (plugin versions in use)

    and (POST requests return a bunch of data about plugin)

    As a side note, the documentation in the Codex for the API is almost non-existent. It would be amazing if someone with some knowledge of the system could fill it out some! A lot of how it works doesn’t seem intuitive to me.

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