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  • chanzero


    i’d like to install a bunch of separate blogs on my server

    the last time i tried wpmu i had problems that no one seemed to be able to help with (, but in the meantime i’ve realized that i don’t necessarily need the “all under one roof” unification that wpmu offers, and that i could do what i want with the separate wp installs

    my question is, how much extra overhead (physical or otherwise) am i looking at by doing a dozen different wp installs? if i eventually have two or three dozen blogs, will i have been way better off if i had gone with wpmu (assuming i could get it installed & working)? or is it not really a big difference?

    if anyone has any insight or experience with this i appreciate it. with the patented 5 minute install i know it won’t be a problem setting htem up, but any shortcuts in managing them would be great


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  • jroysdon


    The biggest hassle I see in seperate WP installs is the need to patch each one individually. I’ve run about 6 for family. However, this could be seen as an advantage in that you can upgrade to major versions for one or two, but not all. As all these sites were actually for family, we each had to create a login for each site in order to comment.

    WPMU solved all this for us. WPMU still allows some of our members not to allow another person access to their blog (and/or comments).

    But WPMU also restricts what a blog can do from a non-WPMU Site Admin point of view. You can’t install or tweak much the templates if you’re not a Site Admin. Also, tweaks affect everyone using those templates, so you’d better make copies before you start editing. Overall, it works great for me and my situation.

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