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  1. MentalyptiC
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I have move the files and SQL from a client's live blog, moved into a dev environment. The admin seems to work fine, however the homepage is blank and it seems WP can't find themes. I've read and read and read online and tried everything. Nothing works.

    WordPress was upgraded, plugins disabled, etc. Nothing...

    Is WPMU simply not movable? Directory structure is identical to live site.

  2. It's movable, but it's tricksy like a Hobbit.

    Did you remember to bring the .htaccess over?

    Did you change the domain names at all?

  3. MentalyptiC
    Posted 4 years ago #

    grabbed all files from live server, uploaded without issues, imported live SQL (after a find/replace for domain).

    Can see everything properly in the admin, minus themes.

    Homepage does not load.

  4. imported live SQL (after a find/replace for domain).

    Ugh. Yeah, that's probably why.

    See WordPress stores your data serialized in places, so when you change the domain name in a blanket search.replace, you screw that up.

    It's SAFE to change wp_x_posts like that.

    it's NOT SAFE to change wp_x_options like that.

    You have to review each change outside of wp_x_posts before you make it.

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