• If you are considering purchasing the “Premium” versions from WPMU Dev, save your money. The Marketpress Lite version will no longer be upgradeable once you have done so. If you consider upgrading to get more payment gateways, you will only add two with the Premium version.

    The Dashboard you have to install will prevent you from updating any of their free plugins. Then, once the WPMU Dev Dashboard is deleted (the only way you can do it) so you can upgrade the free plugins, the “Premium” plugins you paid for may not work right.

    If you want the “Premium” of one of their plugins and any support after (which in my experience you will need), you need to purchase the plugin individually or you are wasting your money and won’t receive support after 30 days.

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  • Hi @smoli,

    Aw, I’m really sorry to hear you had any trouble with that though we’d still love to assist with it here:

    You can definitely upgrade the free version even after installing the premium. If you have our Dashboard plugin installed, it’ll help avoid any mixups between the 2 versions however, you could always disable that and install free version upgrades easily if needed.

    I really hope you’ll still be willing to get that resolved, we’d love to get it sorted to your full satisfaction.

    Does that sound feasible to you?

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