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  • i activated wpmu followed the steps. and based on instructions it should have been a subdomain mu. but all i see is subfolder ex

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  • What did you add into your wp-config?

    Ok this is my update…

    site is at
    i had followed the codex instructions as best as i could but I clearly did something wrong. the site is working properly again. so i need to give it another try.

    my host is bluehost shared server
    the site is currently set up as follows
    HOME is at = siteurl
    wordpress core files are at directory

    the site has been up since September of 2013, custom permalinks have already been set up and established.

    some of the codex tells you to set up wildcard subdomains… I honestly don’t know if I even need to do that.
    ***** I now know that is only needed if I set up network as sub-domain.
    ***** I also now know that because the wp core files are in a directory (ie, my network must be sub-directory.
    *** although still not sure if this is truly my ONLY option due to the custom permlink structure already set up???

    ***** my other question is when setting up the blog.dir, is that necessary for both sub-domain & sub-directory??

    *** lastly I’m unclear on the Apache mod_rewrite module… what the heck is that and how do i enable it?

    Being that I screwed it up so bad the first time I am hesitant to try it again.
    Please provide any insight you may have

    wordpress core files are at directory


    What do you want tthe URLs of your subsites to be? OR ?

    I want them to be

    BUT I do want this network to work so… is there really a limitation on this due to how i have the wpcore files already running.

    I want them to be

    Okay 🙂 You CAN do this. Just want to be sure we understand where you’re at and where you’re going. After all, we’re not you, so we don’t magically know what’s in your head.

    You don’t need wildcard subdomains, but it may make like easier. Otherwise you have to MANUALLY add each subdomain as you create the site. Easier is subjective.

    I also now know that because the wp core files are in a directory (ie, my network must be sub-directory.

    Nope. Because your site runs out of when it’s visited in a browser, you can totally use subdomains.

    Step 1, put in the ONE line to activate Multisite.

    So far so good.
    Thanks for all your help.
    My challenge now is learning my way around the network admin and managing users.

    Self promotional, but you may want to grab my ebook – – it’s pay what you want (coupons on the side bar), and has a good overview of everything involved in managing all those things 🙂

    thank you, will take a look

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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