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  • Because of various plugin issues, I have decided I need to stay with WPMU for the time being rather than upgrade to 3.0.

    That said, I am having the same problem as the one described here:

    (I wasn’t able to reply to that message since the forums have moved, so am starting a new thread for it here – I hope that’s the right thing to do!)

    In short, I moved a wordpressMU install from one domain and server to another, and now the subdirectory blogs give a 404 error on the new site. In addition, when I try to access the dashboards for these subdirectory blogs, I am redirected to the main blog’s dashboard, so eg: should take me to that blog’s dashboard, but instead it shows me the dashboard for

    I have confirmation that mod_rewrite is switched on on the
    server, and assume that something may have broken in the transfer from one domain to another. Everything else seems to be working, and I have no idea how to figure out what might have happened!

    Has anyone else come across this, and if so, what did you do?

    thanks a lot!

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  • WPMU does not support the use of the www in the domain name. (3.0 does tho)

    If you moved servers, likely the .htaccess file didn’t get moved. This is a hidden file. Look at the htaccess.dist file, which is used to build what you need. Find the line about $base (near the top), chance the value to “/” and save the file as .htaccess with the dot in front.

    thanks so much, Andrea – as it happens, I did move the .htaccess file, so I don’t think that’s the issue.

    There may be a problem with the lack of www. support in WPMU, as my server (in a university, so it’s difficult to ask them to change it!) appears to need the prefix. However, the rest of the transferred site seems to work fine – it’s just the subdirectory blogs that are throwing up problems. Do you think it could still be a www. issue?

    thanks again – your help is much appreciated.

    Okay, cool on the www. Maybe they hacked it.

    The subfolders definitely work on the basis of mod_rewrite actually reading the htaccess file. Soemtimes mod_rewrite is enabled, the htaccess file is there, but it;s not being read. they may have to force it to read it by putting a line in the Apache config:

    AllowOverride FileInfo Options

    thanks again, I’ll try to follow this up.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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