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  1. Jazzvox
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Puhh! Just finished my first WordPress Multisite

    *.1a-Sales.com / The WordPress Blog-Lounge. I enjoy to use it now

    • to manage my own Blogs/Websites (> 12) hell of a lot cooler than before
    • to offer newbies the ability to get used to wp-backend at My.Blog-Lounge
    • to setup comfortable WP-Multisite Frameworks for advanced customers to administer and design several sites (Abi Laryea's new WP-Administration)

    Thereby it's quite important to set up own subdomains (NOT the recommended Wildcard subdomain *.domain.com) for each sub-blog first, and then process the Domain mapping with care! Otherwise you'll end up with subs of the main domain for all your Blogs/CMSs - what I guess is not desired. Moreover, the Wildcard subdomain is primarily available for managed/dedicated server accounts.

    Any questions or suggestions? Please leave a note..

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