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  • Hey all, I’m running WPMS for staff in my school district and my boss wants a way to “notify” users when they haven’t updated their blog in XX amount of days (let’s say 30 days).

    The Idea:
    I plan to use 3 plugins in an attempt to frankenstein my way to a plugin I’ll call tps-outdated-blogs.

    The Plugins:

    The Plan:
    For each blog, tps-outdated-blogs will:

    1. Use LPD to get the latest post date (duh).
    2. Ccompare said date with the 30 day variable input into the Settings Page (which needs to be in the Network Admin section).
    3. If said date > 30 days, display AM on all dashboard/admin pages of user’s blog effectively “notifying” them.
    4. Last but not least, I need to be able to create a report (table, etc) that displays blogs that haven’t updated within the time limit (blog_id, blog_url, LPD).

    The Hard Part:
    I’m pretty sure I can stumble my way through this attempting to get it to work for individual blogs … eventually. But, I figured I’d see if anyone out there:

    1. has done something like this before?
    2. OR knows of a simpler way?
    3. OR would like the challenge of helping me get this done more quickly?

      Thanks, WP Peeps!

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