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    Hi Marcel,

    I posted this in the wrong support folder that why im reposting:

    I made the switch from LG to EG. First of all thanks for the easy transition. It worked very well and easy.

    There just happen to be two thing I cant seem to fix:

    The thumbnails are not loading. At least not all of them. My site uses WPML for the translation. Wierdly after re-uploading some folders the “home” language English gallery seems to be fine. How ever de Dutch and Danish versions miss a lot of images/ thumbnails. Searching for images doest find any new pictures while they are def. there. (

    Thanks in advance!


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  • How did you resolve this?

    Still havnt, sadly havnt heard from the plug-in creator either.

    Is this problem WPML related only?

    No idea. I just re-upload my full gallery everytime. Not the ideal situation, but its better then nothing.

    Your website shows the same attachment images for the same folder in different language. This looks like not WPML related.
    Now that you are using only Eazyest Gallery, is everything good with the new images uploading?

    No it still gives hickups. Itjsut seems like that everytime i add a new one, even with the right FTP codes they still randomly dont show up somtimes.

    Are you plug-in author for EAZYEST GALLERY?

    If you add images with FTP, than the plugin have to index them.
    Visit the admin gallery page and an automatic javascript loader will index all the images.
    I disabled the ajax collector, because I am not using FTP uploading.
    I am uploading images in the web admin with the media popup box.

    // Disable Ajax collection
    add_filter( 'eazyest_gallery_ajax_collect', '__return_false' );

    At the moment I am helping out:)

    Hi, Ive decided to re-upload this gallery. There seem to be to many errors and missing pictures.

    Ill clean out the ftp folder, reinstal the plug-in and try again. Should it automaticly add all pictures to all languages i have on this webiste? Im using WPML.

    >> Should it automaticly add all pictures to all languages i have on this webiste?

    The pictures are there only once, WPML will show the same images for every language pages.

    Perfect, ill keep you posted. Also is it possible to add random picture to my sidebar but without the titles?

    Hi klihelp,

    I think the solution worked, it still found some issues(but im taking thats the images’s problem).

    Sadly WPML hasnt put all the images in the different languages. Any ideas?

    I really appriciate you reaching out and your help so far!

    Check if all images are present in the admin.
    I can suggest to observe WPML plugin first with a few images.

    Pictures all appear in the media gallery. Waht do you mean with observe WPML with a few images first? Would I need to add them manualy to each language?

    Try with a few images and see if shows up on each language pages. If some images shows up, the other ones should show up as well.

    And how would i be able to add them all at the same time? There are over 1600 images in different folders.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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