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  • Plugin Author Richard


    Hi, glad you like it 🙂 Unfortunately it’s not currently set up for that. I do plan on implementing it at some point but I have such little spare time these days that I can’t see it happening any time soon. If you are a developer and fancy helping out drop me a line via as it’d be good to collaborate on such a solution. I’d happily translate it into Spanish, and I’ve had offers to translate it into Dutch.


    Hi Richard
    Thank for your answer.
    I reckon wpml woul read the .po/.mo files with the translation of your plugin when it detects browser language version.

    I can translate it to polish if would like.

    Drop me a line.

    Plugin Author Richard


    Hi Mariusz

    The underlying code would need to be changed to support translation, that’s the bit I need to do first. Would you like to help work on that? After that then it needs to be translated into the .po / .mo files.

    I don’t have your email address but if you’d like to work on this with me then drop me a line via the contact form on


    is there any news about plugin compatibility with WPML? 🙂

    Plugin Author Richard


    Hi fiterix, unfortunately I don’t have time to work on this particular feature so there are no updates planned unless anybody would like to assist with the development. If so please contact me via Thanks!

    I see you are working on a new release. WIll WPML support be added in the new version?

    Maybe the WPML (support)team is able to help you out with it, I understand they are very willing to make plugins and themes WPML compatible.

    I would also like to see this added to the plugin, which is great by the way 😉

    Plugin Author Richard


    Hi- I’d definitely like to add this feature, but I’m looking to work with somebody on this- ideally somebody who’s done it before. It requires PHP skills rather than the actual translation. If that’s you then please get in touch via

    Thanks 🙂


    A fast-way to make the plugin compatible with WPML is adding a wpml-config.xml file in the plugin root directory containing:

    	        <key name="CookieLawInfo-0.9">
                            <key name="notify_message" />
                            <key name="button_1_text" />
                            <key name="button_1_url" />
                            <key name="button_2_text" />
                            <key name="button_2_url" />
                            <key name="showagain_text" />

    That just tell what arrays that this plugin store in the database should be translated, after that you can just edit those arrays via “WPML String Translation” plugin 😉

    Plugin Author Richard


    Hi Francisco,

    Thanks very much for posting the solution, that’s great 🙂 I’ll see what I can do to incorporate this into a future release and will of course credit you with the solution.

    All the best

    Hello Francisco Torres

    I would like to implement your “resolution” to use spanish and english version of the plugin..

    What I could do exactly?

    Thanks in advance, MT

    I have created and uploaded wpml-config.xml
    I have installed WPML String Translation

    but I can’t translate the “Cookie Law Info” message 🙁

    this is Mercedes, from WPML. We are interested in the compatibility too. @richard, would you like to add the wpml config file.xml file and then send it over to me. We will then confirm the compatibility and announce it to our users too.

    Can you please drop me a line back?

    The solution of Francisco Torres is good to get the translations, but the translated message is not shown yet.

    I am also very interested in this translation.

    Hi Retroriff,

    I just checked wpml-config.xml uploaded by Francisco Torres and it works fine. All translations appears in a second language.

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