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    We noticed that All In One SEO is generating a wrong sitemap when used with WPML.
    The English sitemap shows all the correct English URLs, but the alternate URLs for our 6 other languages are all wrong and have a non-translated slug.

    For example…
    It lists this for English:
    Expected for German:
    Found for German:

    It just doesn’t translate the slug. The plugin correctly creates a separate sitemap for German which does have the correct German URLs (https://www.ampcometal.com/de/page-sitemap.xml), but it also has wrong alternate URLs for all other languages.

    We found another topic here from 8 months ago where the problem is acknowledged and a fix is offered in a beta version: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/sitemap-xml-wpml-results-wrong-alternate/
    It’s 8 months later now, so I wonder what happened?

    If you guys are serious about offering a great sitemap solution that works with WPML, please consider these issues as well:
    – Respecting the hiding of languages in the sitemap. We’ve hidden all but 2 languages (EN/DE) on our site while these are in development, but the sitemap is showing everything. This is done in WPML.
    – Support translated custom taxonomies. It’s currently showing ALL our translated custom taxonomy pages in the English sitemap, without alternate tag and with untranslated slugs (just like our original issue).
    I’m hoping these issues are fixed in this unreleased beta as well.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hey @bennygiesbers,

    The first issue you mentioned was partially fixed in a previous release and has been fully fixed in the next update in collaboration with the WPML team. The 4.1.5 update will be released early next month.

    With regard to the other two items you’ve mentioned, I’ve created issues for them on our end and we’ll discuss them with the team. They are definitely great suggestions.

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    Hey @arnaudbroes,

    Thanks for your help. We installed the 4.1.5 update ( actually) and see that it’s not yet doing a perfect job.

    The first issue we mentioned last month is fixed. On https://www.ampcometal.com/page-sitemap.xml it is currently all pages with their translated links and current languages tags. Except for two: a link from our navigation menu to a tool on a subdomain (https://apps.ampcometal.com/alloy-wizard/) and the link to our home page (!!!). For these two, it’s using the English version and listing it as Chinese (!!!). And it’s not listing the other languages for these two pages. Especially the home page is problematic.

    We don’t have any hidden languages anymore, so I cannot look into that. The custom taxonomies still need some work: https://www.ampcometal.com/product_category-sitemap.xml
    All languages are shown as separate urls.

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