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    i am using your plugin together with a theme called listee(by cssigniter)
    which is built on wp jobmanager.

    This has a custom post-type called job-listing.
    This job-listing is a post that has custom non-overlapping categories called labels on top of known categories. there is also a field at posts called location.

    how can i query those using display-posts-shortcode?

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  • Plugin Author Bill Erickson


    You can display the most recent job listing using: [display-posts post_type=”job_listing”]

    You can display job listings in a specific category (ex: “my-category”) using: [display-posts post_type=”job_listing” taxonomy=”job_listing_category” tax_term=”my-category”]

    I’m not sure how the location is stored. I recommend contacting support for WP Job Manager on how to query for location. You’ll either do a taxonomy query or a meta query.

    Dev of Listee here.
    Although this is directly related to Wp Job Manager, I thought maybe I can help.
    Labels are terms of a non-hierarchical taxonomy named job_listing_type.

    Now, each job listing has a post meta field _job_location that holds the location, but the theme provides also _business_location.
    _job_location is used to geolocate a job/business on the map, so it needs to be detailed. If you need to display a different address text than the one on the map, then you can fill out _business_location.
    In essense:

    map address = _job_location
    textual address = _business_location ? _business_location : _job_location

    Hope this helps.

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