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    looked last night until 1:30 for a solution to the problem I am having with the WPG2 plugin for a site I making for a local real estate company in my area (near Charlotte, NC).

    does anyone have experience “hacking” the way that the images (thumbnails) are displayed as I have them currently? I do not mind the VERTICAL display, but I really would prefer the horizontal display or a table look to it .. maybe a 3 column by 3 row table ….

    anyone with suggestions PLEASE comment.

    also, plese let me know what you think of the design, i am always open for critics/ feedback/ recommendations


    here is the link to the site

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  • Cool, glad to see someone close to me (Raleigh NC). Anyway, if i understand what you are asking, goto the Gallery2 Admin page and in the theme, you set your rows and columns. Are you looking for something like this ? In regards to the rows and columns.

    one way you could do it is to add the following to the bottom of your css file. I guess layout.css in this case. img {
    float: left;

    carnold .. yeah, i gots family that live in RALEIGH .. glad to meet you ..

    i am not looking so much in the actuall gallery itself .. i am looking in terms of the random generated images on the front page …

    using the code : “<?php print g2_sidebargridblock(‘blocktype’, number_of_images, blockmaximgsize, ‘blocktitle’); ?>”

    manstraw .. let me try that out …

    thanks !!


    now … is there a way to add some spacing between the images and what about the image coming down a little further than I would like it to …?

    YOU ROCK!!!

    you can add a margin to that bit of css. like this img {
    float: left;
    margin: 5px;

    adjust the 5px to whatever you want. note that 5 px on each side of an image means 10 px gap between, in case it seems like a larger gap than you expect.

    not sure what you mean by ‘coming down further’. i’m sure it’s just a bit more css to get what you want, if I better knew what that was.

    glad you’re sorted out. you can mark this one as resolve I guess.

    manstraw …. any ideas on the second part of my last post ?

    “what about the image coming down a little further than I would like it to …?”


    i edited my post to request more explanation. i bet you missed that. if you ‘splain what you mean a little more, I’m sure I can help.

    if you take a look at the fronpage of the site .. it seems that the images from the gallery are not pushing down the “about” box … where i currently have “ABOUT” and “PROPERTY LISTINGS” … i am not sure if this will stick and no longer move down as i decide to add more images to the front page or not .. but thought i would see since is look like it adjusted when the images where vertical …

    maybe it is just me on a Mac and using FireFox …

    can you see what I am referring to … it might be an issue with css …

    ok, I see what you mean. I think it’s just not reading the extra margin properly for whatever reason (could be invalid code). I think it will follow the content, and be like this no matter how long the list is.

    For the moment, I recommend you just add this to the bottom of layout.css (and note that I’ve only tested it at the bottom, it may not work if you put it sooner).

    div#information {

    padding-bottom: 10px;

    But I’m also going to recommend you validate both your html and the css. The reason it’s hanging over the bottom of the background for that information section could likely be due to a little bit of messed up code. It’s easy to not close a div right and other such things.

    This link will show you the errors and where they are on the generated page.

    And after that checks out, you may also wish to validate the css.

    wonderful results manstraw .. thanks, thanks, THANKS !!!!

    issue resolved …


    glad you’re sorted. heed the advice about validating your code. each browser will do different goofy things when it tries to guess what should really happen.

    i have already bookmarked the validation links and will do it once i get time (at work now) … this is only a test server for my clients .. and once they approve the design .. i will validate before publishing …


    your welcome!

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