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    Hi. In real life, when you print a picture it will most likely be a 4×3 or some other standard size. I want this standard size to appear on my website as a thumbnail that can be clicked to see a full-screen image. I am using WPG2 and it seems I can only make the thumnail a perfect square. If I go into the code to modify the size, it just distorts the image because it doesn’t maintain the correct aspect ratio. Is there a way to fix this that can be automated?

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  • That sounds more like you have the Gallery “Square Thumbnails” plugin activated. Got to “Site Admin” from your WPG2 page and look under “Plugins”, where you will be able to deactivate it.

    AFAIK, all WPG2 does is insert thumbnails in the form they were created by Gallery.

    I don’t have the plugin you mentioned, but I think you are correct that it is more of a Gallery issue. I checked my gallery settings, and it seems I can only enter one number in the thumbnail size box (tried entering 448×336). So, they make everything a square. Any way around this?

    Not sure – you’d probably get more chance of an answer at the Gallery forums:

    You were correct. I thought you were talking about a WordPress plugin. I did have the square thumnail module activated. Sorry, I’m new to Gallery. I will play with this and see if it works. But it sounds like I should be able to have custom sizes.

    This definitely worked. Thanks!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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