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  • I have the newest wp combined with the newest g2 via the wpg2-plugin. I’m not that familiar with php and coding, so I’m a bit lost. I tried to solve it using all the help documents I could find, no luck.

    As can be seen here, the layout is all messed up as the wpg2 produces an extra header and footer. I created a wpg2header (essentially a copy of header.php) and wpg2footer (same but footer.php), and fooled around to find which command line does what.

    According to my assessment the bug can’t be fixed in the header-file, as just the line “<div class=”cnt”>” seems to make a margin on the left side to move the header/picture to where it should be, and produce the 2nd header. Thus, it seems that the cnt-command above is doing something that is defined somewhere else. Where’s that, and what should I do with it to get rid of the second header (and footer)?

    Even quick & dirty solutions accepted, I’m not a person complaining about ugly code.

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