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[Resolved] WPG2 404s unless Admin or Editor

  • Hi All,

    I’m using the WPG2 plugin to link my Gallery2 install and WordPress together. Happily setting it up abd thinking it’s all working, until one of my friends tells me he’s getting a 404 when he clicks on the thumbnails WPG2 creates. Bit of investigation by setting up a test user, and it turns out this only happens if you are not logged in as an Admin or Editor. Contributors, Authors, Subscribers and those not logged in all get a 404 error.

    WP install is here: http://mattwpbs.com/
    G2 install is here: http://www.mattwpbs.com/gallery2/main.php

    Any info that might help, let me know and I’ll try and provide it.

    Also raised this on the G2 forum here: http://gallery.menalto.com/node/82414

    Cross posting to Plugins and Hacks and How-To and Troubleshooting too. Hope that’s ok.

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  • Thanks to Floridave at the Gallery2 forums.

    WPG2 has a page it creates and uses to display the gallery. I had that at ‘draft’, hence why it wasn’t allowing anyone apart from Admins or Editors to use it. Completely didn’t realise it could be that.

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