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    (Ok… it isn’t actually WPfolio but my own custom theme derived from it. But the js folder is identical as well as most things)

    I guess it’s the superfish menu I’m talking about? To make my theme I changed very little other than superficial things, yet for some reason my drop down menu sometimes disappears on hover… about 50% of the time. *Not* on iOS though as far as I can tell, and WPfolio seems to work fine if I switch to that. From searching forums it appears people have had similar problems about two years ago but that the issues were resolved (I think. I’m having trouble finding that thread now).

    What WPfolio files are involved in the menu behavior…? I’d like to try restoring/overwriting piece by piece what I’ve changed . Surely if it’s intermittent like this then it can’t be my css changes, right?


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  • I don’t really get what you mean actually. May I know your url?

    (Sorry— I thought it would show up somehow…)


    About 50% of the time the drop down menu disappears upon hover (only the menu item Weblog has a drop down menu). I’ve noticed that if the fade effect doesn’t work when hovering over Weblog then the drop down menu won’t work upon hover. If upon hovering on Weblog the drop down *does* fade in though then the menu won’t disappear.

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    I figured it out— there was a margin in between the menu menu item and the secondary/drop down ones, but I couldn’t find the selector for it— it in wp-folio/css/superfish.css and I think the line I edited was:

    background-position: -10px -100px; /* arrow hovers for modern browsers*/

    … the background-position being set to something else.

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