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  • I am using Wp folio 1.5.2.


    I tried to get rid of the Comments at the bottom by following the instructions at

    I changed the comments.php to ( the middle section, as )

    <?php if ( comments_open() ) : ?>
    <!– If comments are open, but there are no comments. –>

    <?php else : // comments are closed ?>
    <!– If comments are closed. –>
    <!–(removed for cleaner look)
    <p class=”nocomments”>Comments are closed.

    <?php endif; ?>
    <?php endif; ?>

    Did I do that right? Nothing changed.

    Failing that I wanted to download 1.6 and cannot find, for the life of me, where to download it. Any hints? The ever helpful Mr. Lambert?

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  • that gets rid of the “comments are closed” message. You might be looking for this page.

    There is a list of downloads on github and, at this moment, 1.6.3 is the latest version.

    Thanks Again. I had already disabled the comments site-wide. But apparently all my pages had comments enabled on them. This may have defaulted to those settings when I had updated to wpfolio 1.5.2.

    Now I still have a little thing at the bottom that says “comments (0)” that I would love to get rid off.

    And In my earlier version of wpfolio, I could click through to different posts in a category. Another words I had this category page:
    with four posts on it. When I clicked a post it would take me to a page with the thumbnails and a little arrow at the top that would link to the next post in the category. Which I liked. Now that is gone in 1.5.2?

    Anyway in the next day or two I will ftp up 1.6.3 and see what things get solved and what new things crop up. Thanks so much for the nce theme.

    disable comments and “comments (0)” simply goes away.

    the navigation between posts appears again in 1.6.3.

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    Help. I’ve disabled comments and comments are still showing on 2 pages. eg:

    Very strange, because I’d actually like comments on “Sketchbook” but not the other 2 pages. Regardless, I’d prefer to have no comments than some comments.

    How do I get rid of them??


    First thing – are you using 1.7? If not, download it at Github and see if the problem persists.

    If the comment is already published, it wont go away. You’ll need to delete it.

    There are no comments–only the option to make them. Which we don’t want.

    Well, if you’re using 1.7 and disable comments and trackbacks, then the form goes away.

    You’re using 1.5 and it’s not possible with that version. I would update! Watch the first video here to learn how:

    I put 1.7 up and the comments are still showing on two pages (but not on one):

    have comment form:


    The posts, rightly, do not have the comment form.

    It’s so mysterious. Any ideas?? Thanks.

    turn off comments and trackbacks on those pages

    i finally just went in and deleted the comment code in page.php, as i couldn’t find a turn-off option for them.

    in this version of the theme, the lightbox thumbnails have a weird border, as if the images are now too small for the frame, and it’s not possible to change the main background color (at least in the theme options)?

    thanks so much

    I am having the same problem as @kunstenaar.

    I am using WordPress 3.1.2 and WPFolio 1.7.2

    I have disabled all comments and trackbacks, and I still get Comments (0) at the bottom of all my posts/pages.

    Here’s the URL (setting the site up for another artist):

    I don’t have this problem with my own site which is still using WPFoilo 1.5.2 – now I am little worried about upgrading:

    Any thoughts?

    Did you look through all the comments here?

    Thanks Steve, yes I checked everything before commenting here.

    I just figured it out. I had to un-check ‘allow pings’ before ‘comments (0)’ would disappear. Perhaps that was written somewhere, and I missed it?

    Thanks again.

    FYI – my solution didn’t work on all the pages. Had to change the CSS to this:

    margin: 5px 30px 0px;
    text-align: center;
    font-size: 0px;
    clear: both;

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