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    I am currently using the Adapt theme ( for my WP site under local environment. It’s a really nice theme, however I am running into some issues.

    The theme comes with a portfolio plugin which allows one to add your projects for showcase, and will be displayed on the homepage but as a different section from posts.

    According to the theme’s demo, when you click on a portfolio thumbnail, you will be led to the portfolio page (which is like a post). However, I get the 404 error instead. Also, the Portfolio menu link on top should link to a page with all projects from the different categories displayed, but again, I got an 404 error as well.

    Anyone has any idea what is going wrong? I tried looking at the template files, but since I am not php-trained so it’s kinda overwhelming.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I’m sorry but as your chosen theme’s download is behind a Twitter wall, you may need to seek support from the theme’s developer directly.

    I tried but apparently there is no forums and I cannot locate the author’s email.

    Would it be Ok if I send the theme files over for testing? Since it is a free theme, I think it should be fine. The twitter wall is just to let user follow them and tweet about the download…

    I’m no expert, but am working with this theme as well. Have you created a portfolio page? So made a page and selected the portfolio template? Have you created portfolio posts?

    I have some portfolio dummy posts. I tried create a custom link (in the demo, I noticed that the portfolio posts/pages generally have /portfolio directories) but it didn’t work – 404 as well.

    I don’t think I have tried creating the page though. Can you elaborate on the part on how to create the page and select the portfolio template? Thanks

    In the wordpress backend click pages > new page.
    Under ‘page attributes’ under ‘template’ select ‘portfolio’.
    Then click ‘publish’ and view the page. You should see your portfolio page there.

    The page works! But now I have another problem: When you click on a portfolio post, the image slider just display the arrows without the images. 🙁

    Do you have images uploaded into the wordpress gallery?

    Ah, the particular portfolio I clicked didn’t have a gallery… 😡

    Anyway thanks a bunch Sarah, you have been a great help!
    Esmi too, for trying to look at my problem. 🙂

    hi, airbornex

    I am beginer to in wordpress, and am working with adapt theme. I have a problem with image slider. would you give some tips how to work with slide? : )


    hi designtrial,

    Sorry I didn’t see your post earlier.

    To make the slider work in the homepage, add the images (set as featured) you want to show in the admin sidebar menu item call HP Slides (one image per entry). You can add a short caption in the description box, but even though it says h2 tag can be used, it doesn’t work very well on my side.

    As for having image sliders in your posts, create a new portfolio item (look at the menu for it) and upload the images to create a gallery. For the portfolio item to display a thumbnail, use the set featured image function.

    Note that the featured image function is available up till WP 3.3.2 though.

    Hope this helps. 🙂

    Hey guys! Did you have problems with the Highlights Posts and links?

    Let me explain:

    If i Make a post under the Highlights posts rules, and i put a link on them, it doesn’t show!, And also the post title doesn’t link to the full post!

    Have you understood me?

    Did you have similar problems like those?

    Thank you so much!

    Sorry, if you want to see my site, is that:

    So you could 100% understand my problem!


    Hey tom_sawyer,

    I checked the themes php and you have to use a featured image in the highlights post before it will activate the title as a link.

    As for the 404 issues. It seems re saving your permalinks will help with the portfolio and highlight posts displaying 404.

    I too have the adapt theme and none of images are showing even though I have uploaded several images via the “Set Featured Image” link. I can see the images in the Media Library but when I select image and click the “Insert selected images” button the window refreshes and the checked image is no longer checked. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    You can only have one featured image… so you have to upload or go to that image and select “use as featured image”. If your trying to use multiple images in the portfolio, upload your images in that portfolio post and just select one as featured. You don’t insert them they just have to be in the gallery to show in the portfolio slider.

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