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  • Just downloaded this plugin and used it to import 300+ sub-sub-categories from excel. It did the job and I can see the categories and sub-categories in Word Press. The issue is I now want to make these categories into some kind of usable menu on the front end.

    A couple of issues with this:

    1. You cannot use the “select all” feature to select all of the new categories to turn them into a menu, without first deactivating the plugin. I was able to use the “select all” feature to create a menu once I deactivated….however, the sub-category heirarchy is not maintained in creating the menu. Ideally that should be built into this plugin. Is there another way to get the sub-categories into a menu?

    2. The goal is to get all 300+ sub categories (5 levels deep max) to an easy to navigate menu on the front end. I thought I could do this by building a menu out of the bulk imported categories, which do maintain the heirarchy in the category view on the CMS side, but I cannot figure out how to easily get the heirarchy into a usable menu.

    Any ideas?

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  • I did get the categories to show hierarchy when using a third party non-default category menu plugin but it still does not seem to work with the default category menu…

    Plugin Author Jesper van Engelen


    The “Select All” bug has been solved, but what exactly do you mean with the category hierarchy?

    By hierarchy, I mean nested categories. For example:

    Sports>Team Sports>Baseball
    Sports>Team Sports>Football
    Sports>Outdoor Sports>Rock Climbing
    Sports>Motorsports>Rally Car

    Plugin Author Jesper van Engelen


    I understand that, but I don’t quite understand what the problem exactly is.

    Ok, great. So what I’d like to do is once categories are imported using this plugin, I’d like to create a menu from the imported nested categories, where the menu automatically respects the nested categories and reflects the nested categories in the menu organization without having to manually re-create all of the nested categories and the importer hierarchy in the menu.

    Plugin Author Jesper van Engelen


    Do you mean under “Appearance -> Menus”?

    Yes, I mean under “Appearance -> Menus. Does it work?

    Do you mean under Appearance Menus


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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