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  • Hi,
    I’m trying to help someone with a WP-Ecommerce plugin WPEC Personalize. The personalization options are not showing anywhere on the site. All of the products are added into the site using the shortcodes for category or single product.

    When a single product shortcode is used the option shows up. When there is a list of products from a specific category the options do not show up on the products.

    I also noticed that I cannot uncheck “Users can personalize this Product by leaving a message on single product page” This isn’t a problem unto itself, but all of the products that were added prior to installing this plugin in have the variation listed and checked to be added. I’m worried once this problem is solved I will have to go through all the rest of the products to uncheck that option every time I add an extra personalization text field.

    Single product pages are never used, but if you look at a single product not embedded into a page it shows no image or cart information. This is not a problem in itself as individual product views are never used. I am including this in case it is relevant to why the product options are not showing.


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