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  • Hello,

    The plugin seems to work, however, the personalization fields on my site are under the ¨add to cart¨ button- not where the original text box used to be. How can I put the personal. fields next to the product picture or at least above the ¨add to cart¨ button?


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  • Hi Jenny,

    If you haven’t resolved this yet, I’d be happy to help. I just finished doing a bit of customization myself.

    The template file used to display the product is “wpsc-single_product.php” and includes a call to do_action( 'wpsc_product_addon_after_descr', wpsc_the_product_id() );.

    To change where the Personalization fields are displayed, you can edit your template file and relocate that bit of code.

    Check WP Admin > Settings > Store > Presentation and look for “wpsc-single_product.php” in the Advanced Theme Settings box. If it has a check mark next to it, you can edit the file in your active theme’s folder. WP e-Commerce Theme Customization

    The other option is to modify the WPEC Personalize plugin and change which action it hooks into. Look for add_action('wpsc_product_addon_after_descr', 'client_echo');.

    If this solves your issue, or if you solved it another way, I hope you will consider posting your solution and marking the topic resolved.

    I have use WP-ecommerce plugin & WPEC Personalize plugin this plugins are working . but my client requriment is enter the name and a personalised message on the products page and see in checkout page.

    I have seen message in thank you page
    but not in checkout page

    so plz help me and provide me a shortcode or some thing any tips

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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