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  • I tried it out and found it difficult to setup with the free account. I bet it’s easy once I pay for the pro version but I won’t do that unless I can try it out first. I was able to edit the xml file to display the photos I wanted but the installation via WordPress did not place the “required” files were I expected when I went through the canned setup. Even after uploading the “required” files within wordpress, the application kept saying it the files weren’t there. Very frustrating, I am wondering if you have any suggestions or if I should pursue this any further.


    once you download free CU3ER package, just upload whole zip through ‘Add new’ page —
    From there, you can manage your slides and transitions.

    In XML you only need to adjust size and features you want to be included/excluded in your CU3ER (like navigation buttons, thumbnails, shadows etc) — everything else regards to content you can do through wpCU3ER.

    For more info about getting started please check

    Extensive wpCU3ER documentation is available on

    Thank you for your interest in CU3ER.


    I was really excited for this plugin, but am a bit disappointed. I’m sure the PRO version works like a charm, but I spent way too much time trying to have my images display at a size other than the default. It looks fairly obvious in the config xml file where one would change the size:

    <slides width=”540″ height=”380″ align_pos=”TC” x=”0″ y=”0″>

    I tried in vain to change it to this:

    <slides width=”960″ height=”305″ align_pos=”TC” x=”0″ y=”0″>

    Pretty straight forward, but no dice. Everything else is pretty easy to use in regards to this plugin, but with no obvious way to resize images, this just won’t cut it for me. And you can only post questions to the Cu3er folks if you’ve forked over $$$ for the PRO version. But it’d be great if they could address this here.

    jCarousel. Your plugin looks … shiny, but @ 50-200$ to basically unlock full access versus what can already be accomplished (for free) using things like jCarousel, I think I’ll take the latter.


    We understand that setting CU3ER through XML can be tedious sometimes thus we made cManager in first place. However, XML nodes and attributes are pretty much self explanatory (as you’ve said) and getting know how to config CU3ER is not such a hard task once all options are know.

    You are right, changing slides size should be made in <slides> node. However, slides size is completely different thing than CU3ER size (as we think the problem in this case is). Once you set your desired slides size, Please set ‘SWF size’ too in General Setting – which will enable you to see whole slides container.

    Slides within CU3ER can have different size than actual swf what allows you to align and position slides container within CU3ER making the room for other elements as well – like for thumbnails for example.

    Hope that helps.

    Thank you for using CU3ER.

    CU3ER Team

    Yes, I read the documentation and set the SWF size. Setting the SWF size actually works… it’s the setting of the slide size that fails. They stay the same size no matter what.

    I’ve configured CU3ER several times, but this is the first time I’ve tried the plugin. A client purchased a WordPress theme with CU3ER, but it doesn’t work in that the images will not link, even though I’m using the proper <link> node/attribute… as I said, I’ve done this before, it just won’t work on the theme. Since the theme developer doesn’t do support of any kind, I thought I’d try the plugin. No go.

    I’d be happy to provide links to both the website in question or any config files or screenshots if you’re interested in sorting this out. Preferably, I’d like the regular, non-plugin version of CU3ER to work on the site, but the plugin would definitely suffice, even with the branding. I have a couple of days to find another solution, but would rather move on to other aspects of the site.

    Thanks for responding. I want to be clear that I’m not knocking CU3ER at all… I’ve used it before with great success.

    Sure, let us know URL and we can take a look at it. thanks.

    Now you’re talking!

    I currently have 2 CU3ER sliders on the front page of the site. The first is the plugin, which works well other than resizing the slides, and the second is the one that came built into the theme, which works but the slides do not link even though I have them configured to do so.

    NOTE: If I were looking at this and trying to troubleshoot it, my first thought might be that they’re not working properly because I have two of them up on one page. I assure you that this is the first time they’ve actually been up on the site together, at the same time. When they were each alone on the page they behaved exactly as they do now.

    Here’s the site:

    Here’s the config file I’m using for the built in CU3ER that come with the site:

    Here’s the config file for the plugin:

    If you could help get either of these working I’d be thrilled. THANKS!

    Having more than one CU3ER on the same page is not problem. Actually, there might be the problem with plugin serving ‘slides’ attributes but that will have to wait for confirmation of our tech team. We will investigate further this incident so stay tuned and thanks for the links.

    Hey @djenk, can you please drop us email on as we have some files we would like you to try.


    Done! I look forward to hearing from you.

    New files received and tested. I’ve responded via email and contact form with the results, which are mixed, but thought I’d post here as well. Have a look at the results:

    The slides don’t appear at full size. They should be the same size as the swf.

    Your wpCU3ER is passing correct settings and works just fine. The padding you see on your slider is due to your camera setting: z=”-115″

    You have set your camera z value thus your slides appears further from camera resolution gate. Update /wp-content/uploads/2011/03/532/CU3ER-config4.xml with camera Z value set to 0.

    Hope that helps.


    Thanks for the catch! I think this new version of the plugin is working really well. Since the built in CU3ER function of my theme doesn’t seem to work completely, I’m definitely going with the plugin. Thanks a ton for all your assistance, it’s much appreciated! I’ll see if I can talk the client into springing for the PRO version and the online manager.

    Gorgeous work of art. Is there a way to experiment with the slider before I purchase it. I’d love to use it for my website. Any chance I can advertise it on my site? I’m targeting new businesses and logo designers. The graphic designers would go crazy if they saw this

    thanks for sharing,


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