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  • Having spent the last two days on this forum, google, and starting support cases with I’ve come for some help.

    I have successfully export all content and media from our site. I can see all of our content in the file, including over 150 posts.

    When I try to import into site using both wordpress importer and wordpress extended importer, it only imports 4 posts and a couple pieces of media.

    I’ve tried multiple times with different browsers and even on different hosts with the same results.

    My understanding is that the built in export function is the only option for


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  • You can import content from your website to your self hosted site by following the instructions given here: to self hosted wordpress migration

    While I know it seems these instructions are host specific, you can use the same techniques anywhere. I hope this helps!

    I received an email from support with a xml that they exported and it worked like a charm.

    Karim, care to share what was different between the different processes?

    Thanks also to Tim S for his response

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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