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  • I installed the stats plugin and it asked me for an API Key. I searched it and fill it in the correct field. I saved it and then the plugin appeared on the dashboard, next to the main page. There were no visits and I thought that it could take a while to the plugin to make them appear, but that was 3 days ago and it’s not working yet.

    Anyone know which one is the problem?

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  • Dokieh, Am having the same problem, but for me it only started this month, as in August. I have other blogs that I maintain that the stats are still working, but for some reason, there are TWO blogs that I just installed about the last week of July that the stats just did not work.

    BTW, this happened in both Apache and Windows servers, so I really don’t know what is going on. Don’t know which ones you’re using.

    I am having the same problem ..
    Installed a new WP (2.6) with the stats plugin, and it shows 0 (zero) all the time ….
    ALL the other blogs are just fine and working … WP (2.3) WP (2.5)
    I guess something is going on ..

    I have noticed that this has happened AFTER installing google’s analytics .
    Anyone else has analytics installed ?

    I am having exactly the same problem and i’m currently using version 2.6.1.
    I had already mentioned the stats prob when i was already on 2.6

    i’ve been using google analytics for a year and it’s the first time i hear something like that..
    i mean google analytics worked fine on 2.3, 2.5… what’s the matter now?
    any help?

    🙂 i think i got it working
    the fault was mine…
    some days ago i was playing with the html code and i probably accidentally erased what was needed.

    anyway just make sure that in the end of the footer.php you have something like that:

    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    good luck

    I think you got something mixed, You should not have a call to the footer INSIDE the footer itself ….
    Anyhow, my footer is ok, I use the same (modified) theme on 2 different blogs, and the one without the analytics works…
    Maybe it is because I used the NEW analytics code, and not the legacy one ..
    I will check things soon and will post results.
    There is always the possiability that there is something wrong with the STATS server ..

    well, after reading that thread, I still think there is a mixup.
    there is no sense of calling the footer WITHIN the footer itself, and without having it called in some way on the template files…
    and anyhow I do not really see the connection with the stats/analytics problem, unless it is INSIDE the footer (which for me it isn’t)

    dimhap is right. You do call the footer from the footer. But it is a different footer. 🙂

    See if your theme folder has a footer.php, then WordPress loads it instead of the default footer.php that comes with WP. And the Stats plugin is called by the default footer.php

    So to make Stats work you must include the WP default footer inside the Theme footer using

    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    right before the


    Some theme designers put this in their theme. Others do not for some reason.



    I had a similar problem. Iit was not do to the footer.php. It had to do with the fact that I had 3rd party cookies turned off in Firefox 3. I added an exception for and it started working.

    This is still not working for me. I’m using WordPress 2.7.1 and the most recent stats plugin (1.3.8). I can see the stats graph but there is nothing under referrers, search engine terms and clicks. Also, under “Blog Stats” it says that total views is 134. How to get these enabled? Thanks.

    I’ve had this problem for months. (Sadly, I never got Google Analytics to work for the subdomain either.) After reading this thread, I took the following steps, which solved the problem.

    1) Deactivated WordPress stats on the subdomain blog.
    2) Deactivated and deleted Google Analyticator from the subdomain blog.
    3) Reactivated WordPress Stats on the subdomain blog, using the same API as my main blog.

    For the first time since I created the subdomain, I have stats!

    Hopefully this will work for others.

    yeah i have the same problem and sorted out .. Here is the solution or steps i followed

    Troubleshoot wordpress stats plugin if its not working

    Wow. Thank you to lgedeon.

    This has been troubling me for weeks! As you suggested, I put the <?php wp_footer(); ?> right before the </body> tag and it worked beautifully!

    Cannot thank you enough!

    The <?php wp_footer(); ?> solution worked for me! Much thanks.

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