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    Just installed WPbook at to mirror the site as a facebook app, and I think I followed all the directions.

    But the facebook app (at truncates the site, both horizontally and vertically. The iframe does not expand.

    I am wondering: the WPbook instructions said to choose iframe not fbml (in the Facebook applicaion settings), and with “Auto-resize” selected; but the instructions also said to put ?app_tab=true&fb_force_mode=fbml in the tab url section. And I did both. Is that right?

    Also: I don’t see any Add to Profile button at the top, although that setting was made to the Socialize Options part of WPbook.

    Can anyone take a look and advise?

    Thank you for your attention.

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  • The auto-resize isn’t the issue, nor is the tab.

    The issue is that the theme isn’t being switched – the plugin isn’t being activated at all.

    What is the url of the site outside Facebook? (is it just

    What did you set as the canvas url inside the Facebook settings for your app?

    Is your application set to be an iframe application?

    What’s odd is that FB is loading just inside the iframe instead of . .

    etc. (The query string gets added by FB when the app is called inside an iframe).

    This also seems to be happening increasingly often – I wonder if FB changed a default.

    The primary domain outside of facebook is
    (and is parked on that.)

    The canvas url in the facebook application settings is entered like this:

    The application is set to iframe (with no scroll-bars; but with auto-resize).

    (BUT… the tab url section entry has “&fb_force_mode=fbml” in it. That’s what the WPbook instructions said to do, but does that conflict with the iframe designation earlier? Or is it correct that way?)

    By the way, I tried going directly to the URL in your post (😉

    It took me to a facebook page asking if I gave permission for to access my profile information.

    When I approved it, the browser began switching back and forth between “Waiting for” and “Waiting for” — back and forth with the waiting notices and a blank screen. I killed that browser window after about four minutes of that.

    Not sure if this info means anything, but providing it in case it has any diagnostic value.

    The tab setting is unrelated to the “application type.”

    Can you tell me in your Facebook application settings, advanced section, are any of the “Migrations” set to “enabled”? We want them all “disabled”

    Did you make your Facebook app after 12/10/10?


    I went back in and saw nearly every migration enabled. Not sure why, since I believe I checked and only two were enabled originally, and I disabled those when I set the app up. But just now they were almost all enabled! I disabled them all, and now it works!

    Thank you.

    Can you mark this thread as resolved?

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