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    Now, I am saying this after a lot of hard work and pain which I’ve gone through after 2-3 years of using WordPress and BBPress. The integration is a mess. I have tried everything available on internet but now I admit it. BBPress is a worst forum software ever. My forum is a mess now :
    I used to believe that BBPress is Automatic product so its got be cool and better integrated than any other forum but it turned out its one of the worst integrated solutions.
    The Spam filter just doesn’t work. After the ultra long and complicated integration process of WordPress and BBPress the forum just doesn;t work correctly. I can;t delete thread, remove forums, remove users nothing just edit and add new threads/forums.
    Now I have decided to migrate from BBPress to VB.

    Hope somebody will see this and take some action

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  • Hi!

    I haven’t used bbPress apart from just installing it to try it out for a couple of minutes, but I’m not quite sure why you can’t manage users, threads, and forums. Were you able to figure out why it’s broken? Does it also occur on a clean install?

    vBulletin is a commercial product, but I did evaluate phpBB as an alternative. The lack of a plugin architecture in phpBB kept me from wanting to build plugins for it but the bbPress plugin architecture, which essentially is the same as that of WordPress, is something I’m familiar with and like.

    Why are you ‘integrating’ bbPress?

    Are you using the old v 1.x standalone version of bbPress? That would be the problem. bbPress now is simply a plugin.

    No integration required… it’s just part of your WP install. It is pretty barebones, but that keeps it lightweight.

    Yes, unfortunately I was using the 1.x version. I have seen the new BBPress plugin version and it looks cool but how do i move my current forum to the plugin version?

    I believe there is a conversion/importer…. I think it’s actually built right in to the plugin…. (looking around for more info)

    EDIT – reading through this, it seems like it is built in

    how to migrate bbpress standalone to bbpress plugin – WORDPRESS

    Unfortunately, I tried and could not find the import settings. Finally, I dont want to revisit bbpress again and then make customizations & create my custom theme. I have migrated from BBPress to vBulletin, which has got a great community,awesome mods and great antispam.
    Thanks for your support & help….

    Edit: I found it..but nevermind..I’ve given up already..

    ADDED MISERY…since my wordpress site was integrated with bbpress and Akismet never works with bbpress. Some bbpress suer which was earlier a subscriber now has hacked my site….
    What a terrible mistake, I would never ever advise anyone to use bbpress….

    You are still referring to bbpress 1.x?

    I don’t believe anyone would recommend you use it! That’s kind of the point of version 2.x.

    I’m actually still using bbpress 1.x on one of my sites (OK – I’m too lazy to change and re-theme the forums) and it’s working just fine. Akismet works too and catches about 95% of all spam.

    BBpress 1.x was working great for me till I bought a membership plugin and deep integrated wordpress+bbpress+plugin….everything seemed to work great for about an year, then I don’t know what happened but the spammers just took my forum out. Akismet still shows 95% capture…maybe its was “premium plugin” but I’ve shutdown membership & bbpress and now back to pure wordpress.

    bbPress is really good plugin , I can’t understand why you prefer VB it is the worst forums script that I have used !!

    I have a site with bbPress 1.x and I have zero spam (knocks wood). I use quite a few plugins, custom .htaccess rules and ZBBlock.

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