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  • I recently switched to a different host package, and had a couple of issues, one of which is my visual composer is either broke, or simple is not showing up correctly (would be more accurate). The link name shows up on the site but not the image. When you click on the link, the image pops up, and you are able to go into the lightbox and flip through to the other pictures. but None of them show up on the web page. Have tried that on multiple pages, but the same thing seems to happen on each page. Not sure if it is template conflict or errors in pluggin. Any help, advise or similar stories can only help.

    Here is the link to the specific page, but it doesn’t work when I try it on any of my pages:

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  • I’m interested in using Visual Composer but concerned about compatibility issues with whatever theme I end up going with. Have you resolved this issue with VC or are you still waiting for support – either here or from wpbakery?

    There has been NOBODY to reply to my post, I feel like a leper on this post. I had to finally search for a new similar product that did what I wanted. I probably don’t use VC like I am suppose to, to reap the full rewards, but I never had a problem, and then BAM, something happened and I could doing anything anymore with it. Was really strange…Good luck Jenxx….you can see what the new plugin did for me at the above link. Wasn’t exactly what I wanted but is functional!

    pacoscott…It’s funny – yes, I think it’s in part because to WP developers using a visual builder might be the equivalent of wearing socks with flip flops around here…Regardless, I’m feeling like I should pass on it primarily because the support concerns, and try this first
    It’s a little more modest, and free…
    What plugin did you go with – the site came out nicely…congrats!

    The latest version 4.1.3 of the WPBakery Visual Composer plugin is conflicting with the latest version 2.0.12 of the “All-in-One Event Calendar by”.

    I can’t add a new image (using “Add Media”) to the content of a new event without first saving the new event as a draft or first publishing it.

    When I try to upload a new image, I get this error: “An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later”.

    When I try to add an already uploaded image, the Media Library doesn’t load (the loading icon just spins forever).

    ONLY after I have saved a draft or published the new event can I then add a new image by uploading a new one or choosing an existing one from the Media Library.

    This doesn’t happen when I add an image to a regular post.

    WPBakery Visual Composer v4.1.3
    Calendar v2.0.12
    WordPress 3.9.1



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    I am now closing this 5 month old topic as it references an older version of WordPress.

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