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    I’m looking for a solution to backup all my currently hosted sites 75 and counting websites to backup.

    Now, I’ve come across this plugin and really liked the sound of it. The functions it performs are perfect for what I want to achieve. I’m having trouble with the backups running on schedule.

    Its like they only seem to do it at random time schedules and never when I set it.

    I read somewhere about WP-CRON, what is this and How will it help me with this plugin. Remember the main thing is getting it to work on all 75 sites. Thats a big must.

    Thanks for the help.


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  • Plugin Author Michael De Wildt


    Gday Danny,

    There are few things that can stop wp-cron from executing cron tasks at the time that you expect.

    1. Check the blogs timezone settings.

    The backup scheduler uses the blogs timezone settings. So if the blog is set to UTC+0 and you set your backup to run at midnight, it will run at 4pm in LA.

    2. Ensure that wp-cron is working as expected.

    The best way to do this is to schedule a post and see if it posts at the time the you select. If this does not work, then nor will backups.

    3. Make sure cache plugins are not blocking calls to wp-cron

    I have heard that some cache plugins will stop wp-cron from working. If this is the case then you will need to add wp-cron.php to the plugins exclusion list.


    Thanks for your reply Mikey,

    Sorry to get back you so late. Well I have to test this out on each site?

    I’ve tested it out on several and it seems to work, How do i configure wordpress cron to work with this plugin. Is it abit of PHP editting?

    Abit more direction on how to internally edit the cron I’d be grateful for.

    Basically I want to not have to logon to the wp-admin to activate the cron job to run. I would rather it do it automatically as doing that on 70+ sites is a pain and time consuming.


    Plugin Author Michael De Wildt


    You do not need to log into admin to activate the cron task because any request to a site will kick it off.

    Some low traffic sites will take some time to start because of the in frequency of hits. Eg: If you set your backup to run at midnight and your blog is only hit 5 times a day, usually around lunchtime, then the backup will start when that first hit comes through.

    To avoid this you can either add a unix cron to point to the wp-cron on each of the servers. Not the best for you because you have so many shared hosted sites.

    Another thing I was thinking of doing was offering a service that calls wp-cron for you from my instance. This would be at a small cost but it will make backup kickoff times more reliable. Would you be interested in such a service?

    Hi Michael,

    I spoke with my boss and we are both interested and will most likely take you up on the offer.

    Can you explain a little more in detail what the service would be, we are gunna run some tests on some websites this weekend, so will get back to you after that with an answer.

    Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Michael De Wildt


    It would be a premium extension that will post your backup schedule to the wpb2d server.

    The wpb2d server will store that schedule and make a call to http://yoursite.com/wp-cron.php.

    Im also thinking some monitoring to make sure that the backup completes successfully.

    Hi Michael,

    How much would this cost us?

    Its perfect for what we want and is going to make life alot easier, If you have an email address we can contact privately on.


    Plugin Author Michael De Wildt


    Cost is relative to complexity 🙂

    You can contact me here => http://www.mikeyd.com.au/contact/

    It seems from my troubled experiments or what I’ve read that the App folder serves no purpose and can be eliminated. Is this correct?

    I haven’t been able to find documentation on the correct file paths for multiple sites?
    Is this it:



    or is this it:

    Dropbox/wp2db/site1 and site2

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