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  • I (and many others) have experienced several issues with the wpautop function indiscriminately adding p tags and br tags throughout my code.

    I’ve had to turn this function off in my functions.php file. However, I think the randomness of the wpautop throwing tags around is a bug, and should be looked into for future versions. Turning the functions off, turning off TinyMCE, and disabling basic WYSIWYG editing defeats the ease and friendliness that WordPress is known for and prohibits newbs from using an interface without html knowledge.

    I don’t recall prior versions of WP throwing random tags and am at a loss as to why this bug has been introduced. Is there perhaps a reasonable explanation as to why it was, and when or if there are plans to get it fixed?


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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Several issues have been fixed in trac with regards to this function. They’ll be in future releases, I’m sure.

    However, it’s not “random”, it’s just not particularly bright when people throw their own tags into a post. If you stick to text and a few images, it generally works pretty good. If you start putting all sorts of weirdness in, it falls over.

    I disagree. It is very random. I had it placing p tags (sometimes opening ones or closing ones or both) or br’s in javascript code, sometimes, but not always, after an h2 tag, in the middle of a sentence, before or after legend or fieldset, but not always the same way…

    It made no sense. Removing whitespace would sometimes, but not always change it from a closing p tag to just a br.

    I wasn’t using TinyMCE either. Just the standard editor. It really got bad if I turned on all the features.

    It would be hard to blame TinyMCE. I’ve had it working fine in Joomla for a very long time and have only noticed the issue in WP. It would be very good to find the root cause and get it taken care of.

    I agree – as a newbie – that the present system is bad.
    I was quite shocked when I looked at what I had written and saved.
    I don’t know much HTML, but felt I had to learn something about it
    to work out what the WP editor was doing.

    I would have thought that imitating the basic TeX system
    where 2 blank lines start a new paragraph
    would be a good beginning.

    Add is a slightly different problem.
    I would have thought a simple tag would be a plausible answer.

    In any case, I believe the editor tries to do far too much
    at the moment, and I for one would prefer if it made less effort.

    Then turn it off.

    Users -> YOUR profile. Uncheck the box to use the VRE.

    What kind of an answer is that?
    We (web developers) know how to ad/remove (X)HTML tags and other stuff, but this bug prevents normal users (those who don’t know HTML) to effectively user wordpress.

    Please fix it.

    BTW I’ve ended up editing js code, removing wpautop from both wp code and tinyMCE wp plugins. A lot of work for what?

    Just look at how many thread related to “new line break” “stripped paragraph” and so on are on this trac.

    People is getting crazy with this broken visual editor.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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