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  • I know most people will want this new feature and I’m fine with it being on by default. But how can you impose this significant UI change without including an option to disable for those of us who feel otherwise?

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    and I believe there will be a define statement you can add to wp-config.php to disable it. (if it’s not in there already)

    Edit: add_action( ‘show_admin_bar’, ‘__return_false’ );

    So yes, there is the option to disable. If you would like to be part of the decision making process, come to dev chats, participate, contribute. 🙂

    Andrea, thanks for the prompt response.

    Where is the define statement explained? I’m not installing a plugin to do this, that’s over the line.

    Put this:

    add_action( ‘show_admin_bar’, ‘__return_false’ );

    in your theme’s functions file. it will also work in the mu-plugins folder.

    Also, if you’re concerned about how decisions get made, see:

    The philosophy is in general fine. But this is a significant UI addition, which are usually left to the user (that is, through the templating/theme system) and as such should not be unilaterally imposed. As I said, to default to on is fine as long as there’s a built-in way to turn it off for those of us who don’t want it.

    I appreciate your assistance here.

    which are usually left to the user (that is, through the templating/theme system)

    You said it yourself… you can add the code Andrea_r mentioned to your theme and control it.

    Pete, where is this fairly significant new feature documented?

    The about page for 3.1–the only result if you search the Codex for “Admin Bar”–lists Admin Bar under Highlights, with no detail except a link to the trac ticket. I read that but while the comments probably make sense to the WP devs its too convoluted for me to follow and get much useful information from.

    It’s still in beta, which means not everything has been written up yet.

    I understand that, I’m a big fan of WordPress and this should be considered beta user feedback.

    And I was replying to your comment:

    where is this fairly significant new feature documented?

    This SHOULD get documented and noted in the release notes when this hits RC, as it’s a major feature. But I’m pretty sure they’re not going to include a way to disable it in the admin side. Right now it’s a beta announcement, for people who are brave, daring, a little masochistic, and adventurous. You did a good thing, posting the suggestion in the forum, and since it’s not a bug, it’s not worth a trac ticket. Maybe email wp-testers with a suggestion, but basically I wouldn’t stress TODAY about something not being clearly documented in the beta.

    And yeah, trac is a confusing thing. Once there’s a way to disable this in a define statement (which goes in your wp-config), the codex will be updated and this page will have some more info:

    Cart comes after the horse 🙂 Don’t update the doc until you’ve locked down the features 😉

    If you mean where was this discussed, in the dev chats, for which there are accessible archives and a standing invitation to show up. 🙂

    Still – i don’t think an update of any sort should be able to visually change the front end site. And to not even add a disable option to the admin seems like backward thinking? Unless there’s some other agenda going on?

    Users/clients should be able to update wp without worrying about affecting the front of sites…

    With 3.1, I was SUPER annoyed by this, but someone in wordpress dev patiently pointed out that to deactivate it, on the Dashboard, go to “Users,” select your username, and under your profile options is the option to turn this off!

    Thank you dev-angels!!!!

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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