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    I’ve recently been upgraded to mySQL 5.0.37 and php 5.1.6 by my web host.

    Now I’ve tried an update from WP 2.2.1 to 2.3.1 and I’m getting the _WordPress database error: [Table ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.wp_terms’ doesn’t exist]

    A search shows a couple of entries here about this error. It seems to have something to do with permissions on the mySQL upgrade but following info in those topics doesn’t resolve it for me. phpMyAdmin thinks my database tables are fine. Changing the dbversion and re-updating doesn’t fix the problem… and no, I don’t have a database backup that is current (yes, I know that I should have).

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  • You didn’t say explicitly, but does wp_terms exist–can you see it in phpMyAdmin?

    If you don’t see the table, consider forcing a database upgrade.

    It’s never too late to start good backup practices. Also, might check with your host as they may have a backup.

    changing the dbversion and re-updating doesn’t fix the problem…

    Thanks for the response. I’ve already done that (twice!), and no, there’s no wp_terms table in my database. I’ve also checked the privileges of my wp user and it should be able to create a table.

    I’m now getting a bit more of a handle on the problem (but no solution). It looks as if the new tables are not being created. I’ve done the following…

    Done a clean install of a second WP to examine the new table structure, clearly the whole categories table from 2.2 was reworked into several new tables called terms etc. for 2.3. None of these new tables appear in my old database after about four upgrades (via changing the db number). I’ve also taken the same user from the new install and given them privileges as a user on my real WP and while I can USE that user in my config file, my original database table structure remains un-updated by the updater (it contains none of the new terms tables that I can see on my clean test install).

    I think that the database updater is seriously gimped. It reports no errors but doesn’t create any of the _terms tables. I ultimately resolved my issue (sort of) by exporting, installing a new clean 2.3.1 WP and then importing and massaging the entries. Took some time to workaround an updater bug. At the very least, the database updater should report if it was unable to complete any of its steps.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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