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  • I am using the WP Super FAQ plugin at which is all working great.

    My question is though, as part of the “Search Site” component of my site, if I enter a word that appears as part of a FAQ Question/Answer and then click on this link in the search.php page (results page), it actually ends up re-directing to the single.php page of my site and not going into the FAQ section.

    The only reason I can see this is occurring is because when the search results come back for any matches as part of FAQ section, the permalink for that match is:


    Typically other results that I click on that aren’t part of the FAQ section, will go to:


    So basically, having that extra directory of /wp_super_faq, where all of the faq questions and answers are stored is causing me this issue.

    Can someone pls help with what the best way to display faqs would be, in this situation.


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