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    Having trouble setting the ‘siteurl’ option on multisite blogs. On single site blogs you can set the ‘siteurl’ option or override it in wp-config.php with WP_SITEURL. This would allow you to store your files somewhere other then where you want your public url to show.

    The key take away for me was that all of the wp-admin pages would use the ‘siteurl’ domain and everything else would use the ‘home’ url.

    I tried to set this up on a fresh multisite install on 3.5.1. I can see that the login link is using the ‘siteurl’ but when i click on it it redirects me to the main site blog home page.

    I think it is becuase with the new multisite tables it is restricting me to only being able to use a single domain, so setting the ‘siteurl’ and ‘home’ options is restricted with multisite.

    Is this the case? or is there something more I have to do to get this to work with multisite? Like I said I can see that the links are building properly, but when it tries to go to the ‘siteurl’ domain links (which is a different domain then what I originally set the site up with) it redirects me to the main site page as if it couldn’t process the link.

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