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  • According to documentation on wp_register_script, it is indicated:
    ” $in_footer
    (boolean) (optional) Normally scripts are placed in the <head> section. If this parameter is true the script is placed at the bottom of the <body>. This requires the theme to have the wp_footer() hook in the appropriate place. Note that you have to enqueue your script before wp_head is run, even if it will be placed in the footer. (New in WordPress 2.8)

    Default: false “

    WHERE is the appropriate place for the wp-footer() hook to be in order to be able to set $in_footer to true”?

    Thank you,

    Selena Vella

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  • You should be able to put it at the bottom of the php file.

    Hi, thanks so much for the reply.
    I apologize it took me this long to thank you.
    I did not see an email so did not log on until now.
    Just one more question:
    Can you answer one lase question, please:
    which php file(s)?
    Thanks you again, and I apologize I didn’t check forum — expected and email to notify me.
    Selena Vella

    J M


    This would be header.php

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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