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  • Hi,

    I have a problem on a homepage on which I want to display a loop calling the the last 4 News (cat=20).

    I have a Featured panel, where a post from the Blog can be dispayed or one from the News category, using a custom field to select the featured item.

    The problem is that if a post form the News is selected as featured, in the News panel I get 3 news instead of 4 (showposts=4).

    Featured panel query:

    $featured = new WP_Query('meta_key=featured&meta_value=on');
    while($featured -> have_posts()) : $featured -> the_post();
    $do_not_duplicate = $post->ID;

    News panel query:

    $news = new WP_Query('cat=20&showposts=4');
    while($news -> have_posts()) : $news -> the_post();
    if ($post->ID == $do_not_duplicate) continue;

    Why if there are two different query, the News query still cound the fact that in the featured query there is a post from that category and puts only 3 posts and not 4?

    How can I work it out so that if I select a post from the News category as featured, the News panel still displays 4 news, not 3?

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  • Yeah, something went wrong with the paragraph right under the code, but you get the meaning, right?

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    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    They’re two different loops. If you want to exclude anything that’s in featured from the news loop, you’ll need to Exclude posts from some category.

    Ipstenu, I am afraid I wasn’t clear enough.

    I have a Featured panel and a News panel, on the same page (homepage).

    The News loop is set to display 4 last news (shoposts=4).

    In the admin I can select a post to be the Featured article (with custom fields).

    Now, if I select the a post that is in the News as “featured” I get 3 News in the panel and not 4 anymore. Like if the News loop counts 3 posts + the one in the Futured query.

    I know how to exclude posts from a category. It just doesn’t help me here.

    The category (News) may be the same for the two loops. So I can’t exclude it, right?

    If I select a post from the Blog category as featured, of course, I get 4 News in the News panel. If instead I select a post from the News category as featured, then the News panel displays 3 news. The News query count the News in the Featured panel, even if in a different query.

    That is not logical to me. Or am I missing something?

    I can’t believe nobody can figure this out.

    Gian-ava, its unfortunately a little more complicated than that, I fell into the same trap.

    Check out this tutorial:

    That should help you. Also, have a look at post__not_in. I’ve not used it, so can’t really say what it does, but that might help to.


    Edit: The reason what you have no isn’t working, is because the loop is getting 4 posts, then excluding them if they are in the array of featured posts. In your case it does this:
    Get me 4 posts in News;
    Are any of these posts in Featured;
    If yes exclude them;
    Output 3 posts in News that aren’t in Featured.

    What we want it to do it is the other way round!

    Anyone found a way to do this? I’m also in the same situation, although I’m using a function to determine whether a post in my query has a particular custom_field. Everything works, except the query runs through the posts, then outputs the number of posts dictated in showposts minus the number of posts excluded by the custom_field function.

    … So it’s somewhat broken on my end too.

    Roelani try this. Let’s fix the same initial example (Note the brackets on $do_no_duplicate):

    $featured = new WP_Query('meta_key=featured&meta_value=on');
    while($featured -> have_posts()) : $featured -> the_post();
    $do_not_duplicate[] = $post->ID;

    The second loop will use this variable in the “posts_not_in” parameter:

    $other = new WP_Query(array(
    'post__not_in' => $do_not_duplicate
    while($other -> have_posts()) : $other -> the_post();
    $do_not_duplicate_other[] = $post->ID;

    Suppose you have a third loop which do not show posts from the first and second loops. Note the variable $do_not_show (without brackets!):

    $do_not_show = array_merge($do_not_duplicate , $do_not_duplicate_other);
    $third = new WP_Query(array(
    'post__not_in' => $do_not_show
    while($third -> have_posts()) : $third -> the_post();
Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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