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  1. big_s
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi all,

    I want to use wp_query on my site homepage but outside and independent of the main post loop. The site uses a child theme based on the genesis framework.

    Where exactly is the main query that supplies the posts for the main loop called? If I use an additional wp_query call on the main page that contains the loop do I need to do anything special to prevent the query I run from interfering with the query for the main post loop?

    I would like to query for the single latest post in a particular category - what parameter do I need to pass to the query in order for it to return just one post?

    If I wish to display the thumbnail (featured) image of this post how do I do it efficiently - should I modify the query itself or simply access the featured post based on post data returned by a simpler query.

    Many thanks for any insights provided.

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