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  • After a lot of help from Fluffy ( ) and Skippy ( ), I have finally manage to make the plugin work.
    This plugin integrates WordPress and PHPBB, using PHPBB as the comment engine.
    (unfortunately it is not a completely one-click plugin yet)

    For complete information, directions, and a demonstration go to

    I am working on other features, but also working on a MA thesis. (so forgive me if they dont get implemented quickly)

    Feedback is always welcomed.

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  • skippy



    This looks like a good start! phpBB by itself is extremely complicated; but it looks like you’re making good headway. Keep it up!

    Updated to WPHPBB-V1.1

    Version 1.1: Fixed typos.
    Changed name to something catchy and easier to type, added $redirect_name for symbolic links,
    separated $phpbb_root_path and $phpbb_path to work with permalinks
    temporary fix for theme_editor.php problem by placing it link in header.

    The plugins_loaded was causing the wp theme_editor.php to not find the template.

    Getting close to login integration and trying to setup admin page.

    This is totally fascinating to me.

    I’m a little unclear about how PHPBB and WP are integrating in your example. But I’m all for this kind of hybrid (strangely enough.)

    If you need a hand, let me know.


    there an example of the outcome? i know me and lots of people lookin for the forum and wp integration. good job

    The demonstration is my site. I have it working at
    The comments are actually posts in PHPBB, and using a script Fluffy made and PHPBB fetch all to pull the text, avatars, such in to the template of WP.
    Let me stress again that I am a php “noob”. Without Fluffy’s integration script (MT and PHPBB) , I wouldnt have even thought of doing it.

    My problem now is how to make WP login the user with a name and password. I have setup a small extension to the comment integration that checks WP’s user database to see if the PHPBB user is there. If not, it adds all the information needed to register. If they are, it checks to see if everything matchs, and if not, updates to PHPBB’s database. This keeps the databases synced.
    I am having trouble making the cookie, so the user will be logged into WP after logging into PHPBB, and then clearing the cookie, when they log out. I can clear the cookie easily, but setting the cookie is stumping me at the moment.
    Back to tinkering.

    WPHPBB Version 1.62

    Version 1.62 (07042005)
    (In all regards should have been 1.0)
    the user has to define first before activating if they need to activate to define, hehe)
    creates Integrate Table on Activation (if needed)
    added options panel to configure plugin
    integrated the integration script (Fluffy’s Integration Script).
    fixed more typos and errors (slowly becoming clean and standard (ok standardish)
    moved integrate table to wp database
    uses table prefix of wp to make it match (so multiple wp’s can be used with multiple wphpbbs not interfering)
    phpbb_prefix not needed

    Login integration is still giving me trouble.

    Woring on currently:
    Add Ability to define and change div tags for Comment and Comment Form in Options
    Add Recent Discussions section (pull select number of recent topics from specified forum or all forums)
    Login integration (if I can just figure it out)
    Redefine get_userdata and make_clickable without having to change wordpress function names.
    Standardizing the code.

    WPHPBB V1.7
    Updated (again):
    new features: polls (from phpbb), users online, and recent discussions.
    css can be configured in options panel.
    comments counts now include ping, trackback, and old wp comments.

    Still having problems with figuring out Login Integration.

    Future: same as before.

    This is very cool.

    Where is the actual phpbb on your site? is the WP site and is the PHPBB site. (the page for WPHPBB)

    The comments (not the trackback) is being pulled from a Forum in PHPBB.
    Here is the forum:

    Also, the recent discussion, poll, and users online shown in the sidebar are from phpbb.

    I have login integration working.
    I am testing currently to make sure it handles all situations.
    Its a separate page which can be called to with a form, similiar to wp-login.php (actually its a frankenstein version of PHPBB’s login and WP-login.)
    Verifies off of PHPBB’s users file and if the user is not there it inserts new user into WP, after a successful login of PHPBB. Also updates user’s information if different on checkin. This should keep the users tables sync.
    Working on making it more versatile and read phpbb’s cookie and log both in.

    Forget syncing tables…what about merging the wp_users and phpbb_users tables into one table? Then you could rewrite WP’s code to look to the phpbb_users table for user authentication. It would need more than just a plugin; you’ve have to do major surgery on WP, but I can’t think of any reason it shouldn’t work. I’m about to embark on this myself, but has anyone else already tried it? Any suggestions? Any warnings?

    The work involved with reediting WP and PHPBB with each update would seem to outweight any benefit.
    A few pointers which might help:
    integrate the databases into one. This way you will not have to worry about doing “$wpdb->select(DB)” each time you have to switch databases.
    create or adapt one login page to either read and write both cookies or force one system to read the others.
    keep track of how you had to change the logins.
    take a look at 1.6. (not only do I think you will find it will be easier to do what you are thinking about, but it is changing the user system, so might as well prepare for it)
    Using one user table for both woulda problems with the way I have my server setup. I have multiple blogs running seperate installations (so the authors can each do whatever they want with their respective blog) but they all use phpbb for the comment system. Users can keep up with all the blogs through the phpbb. I want it to be possible for a user to log into one site and be able to go to any site at and not have to log back in, but I dont want the users to share privileges across the server. I dont want someone with a writing privilege on the community blog to also have writing privileges on my personal blog. Plus as bbpress moves more and more to a stable product, I want to have the option to move to bbpress or another forums system.
    I also created WPHPBB because I wanted to make it fairly simple for someone to integrate two systems without messing with the code or preventing them from abandoning not only my plugin, but also WP or PHPBB without sacraficing the other.
    (Also I learn a lot of php these last few weeks.)

    Just my thoughts,


    Version 1.90 (07132005)

    login integration (whoo hoo)
    polls now show results if user is not logged in or logged in and already voted.
    several new options to customize the level of integration
    three styles of posts
    link directly to the forums (instead of pulling them)
    multiple users and/or categories options(unlimited except to database limits)
    all options are now in one line of the wp_options table (easier to manage)
    some other stuff I cant remember
    the Options page tries to explain everything

    Regarding the integration of WP with PHPbb the script from happypoet seems somewhat corrupt at least with my version. I have seen folks on the net who got it working but I am stuck.

    Before I continue describing my problem:
    WP Version 1.5
    WPHPBB 1.91
    PHPbb Version 2.0.16

    My problem is that the simple steps (getting fetch-all and the other files copying them, renaming the two functions in WP) are taken care of. I activate the script (WPHPBB) and then I figure that I need to configure it so I head off to the configuration panel to change the options for WPHPBB. I can see the WPHPBB panel, the link points to /wp-admin/wphpbb_options but the file cannot be found. I look carefully at the link and realize that all other links in the panel for configuring WP has “.php” at the end, and of course they reside in the wp-admin directory. My question is.. where the heck is the wphpbb_options.php if there is supposed to be one?
    If no then I wonder which file is the “options” file because I have tried renaming some of the files that came with the package.

    Any help is appreciated because as I can see some people have got it working (perhaps my version of WP is weird?) and I would also very much get it to work!


    The options file is not a separate file.
    It is another page added to the admin area under options.
    Go to the WP’s admin area, click on Options and below (if you are using the default) you will see a list (General, Writing Reading, Discussion, Permalinks, Various Names of Plugins you have installed and WPHPBB) Click on WPHPBB and you will see all the options.


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