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  • Hi, Im looking for some help with my wp_options table.

    recently I noticed more than thousand of lines like this:


    select count(*) from wp_options where option_name like ‘%rss%’;
    | count(*) |
    | 2943 |

    in the option_name value

    Is that normal? Can I delete these lines?


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  • You’re matching everything that has the word RSS in it…

    Try this, the results should be much lower..
    select count(*) from wp_options where option_name like '_transient_timeout_rss%';


    select count(*) from wp_sos_options where option_name like ‘_transient_timeout_rss%’;
    | count(*) |
    | 1470 |
    1 row in set (0.00 sec)

    Can I delete those lines?

    I would recommend against deleting those. You can, and it won’t hurt anything, but those contain the RSS feeds you’re loading into the site. Although I find it unbelievable that you’re reading 1470 different RSS feeds somehow.

    Perhaps you have a plugin that reads RSS feeds or something similar?

    Im not aware of any plugin doing this…How could I know or get more information that could lead me to detect the plugin that is doing this?

    BTW, The reason I’m checking the wp_options table its because Im using WordPress for a long time and it’s getting bigger and bigger.

    Recently I got a sudden high cpu usage in my server and I’m studing a way to optimize everything.

    Search your plugins for the text “fetch_rss”. That function pulls external RSS feeds. It caches them by default, so that it doesn’t have to reget them every time.

    1 row in set (0.00 sec)

    That’s 1 row…

    If it says 1 row, it’s 1 entry, not thousands..

    I don’t think the count is correct in this usage…

    Can you see several rows in PHPMYADMIN if you browse the options table?

    Try just a regular select…

    SELECT *
    FROM wp_options
    WHERE option_name LIKE '%transient_rss%'
    LIMIT 0 , 300

    I get 2 results on mine..

    Count seems to behave incorrectly for me just running the query from the SQL command line in PHPMYADMIN…

    That’s 1 row…

    If it says 1 row, it’s 1 entry, not thousands..

    No, the set is what is returned. In this case, it contains one row, which is the result of the count(*). The “1470” is the row.

    His logic is correct, if he’s getting that, then he’s got a lot of rows.

    Yes, makes sense… my bad…

    1470 seems alot, but i’d still suggest looking at the table in PHPMYADMIN and seeing if you can verify the presense of this many entries.

    Thanks Otto, that was very helpfull. Here are the plugins that use the function fetch_rss:


    wp-security-scan (disabled)
    tweet-this (disabled)

    Now Im not sure If I should delete those lines or not.. Looks like some plugin didnt work as expected.

    Well, like I said, deleting them won’t hurt anything. They’ll just get reloaded if a plugin needs them.

    Thanks again Otto. I deleted the lines and they are not showing again, so I suppose it was probably a bad plugin behavior.

    btw, is there any twitter for wordpress we can follow up?

    Thank you, this was useful to me! I had the same issue. Just deleted thousands of _transient_rss and _transien_timeout_rss from one of my blogs, successfully!

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