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  • salihkulangara


    my issue is i have 3 custom post types, and under each post types i have 4 categories each, so in navigation bar, using wp-nav-menu i’m listing links and sub links, sub links are the category names(4 each). so after doing some styling i can show the sub-menu items displaying under the main menu(ie – main links goes to first categories taxonomy-custom_taxonomytype.php file).
    main issue is whenever i go to a single post page i could not get the sub-page links on that single page, i have inspected the page, and i found the links were there in the page, but not getting displayed

    to be more specific here is the structure of navigation bar, this not a drop down menu, sublinks displays under the main link whenever they are active.

    when i click on post_type-1 i will be redirected to custom_taxonomy archive page, here i listed all links and excerpts from posts, till here i’m getting menu item and sub menus, but when i go to single posts from custom_taxonomy_1 on single page i am not getting sub-page links, ie custom_taxonomy-1, etc, i am getting only main linksie, post_type-1, post_typ-2 etc.

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