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    Hi all,

    or is it something I haven’t set up correctly?

    The scenario is this. I have a bilingual site (german and ENglish) with English set as the default language. I have been noticing that a lot of visitors to the site have URL’s that look something like this;

    I have tested the site with many different browsers and finally came upon the problem. If I configure my Firefox browser to only look for French pages (for example) I can easily simulate this error.

    Basically, the browser is requesting a language other than German or English. I guess that WP_Multilingual is trying to send out the page in English but all the user sees is this URL I indicated above. “Blog/e/e/e/e/e/e…” and puts the browser in and endless loop. When I tried this for my French example Firefox told me it could not open the site because it was being sent into an endless loop. WHy is this????

    I have visitors from other countries, Italy and Japan for example who are most likely using localized browsers. I would imagine that they have not set up English or German as a language in their browser preference.

    So why cannot WP_Multiligual automatically send the pages with the default language (i.e. English – en) if the user browsing the site is using a foreign language browser?

    This is starting to bug me as my StatPress database if quickly filling up with those nasty “blog/e/e/e/e/e” stats and is not letting users see my site.

    Anyone have a fix for this behaviour?

    Thanks a bunch.

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  • blog/e/e/e/e/e




    i know about this bug, that means language not detacted, some tim eother plugins do rewrites to, and overide multilingual changes.

    this bug fixed at new version of plugin witch isn’t released right now…

    you can fix it via changing
    add_action(‘generate_rewrite_rules’, array(‘WP_Multilingual’,’GenerateRewriteRules’), 10);
    to this
    add_action(‘generate_rewrite_rules’, array(‘WP_Multilingual’,’GenerateRewriteRules’), 10000);

    highest priority…

    Thanks Butuzov for your reply.

    I made the change you suggested but it didn’t fix the problem. Basically, I removed all languages from Firefox Language support and added a language that I know is NOT supported by my site. In this case French (fr). I tried to connect to the site after making your change and this is what I saw in the address field.

    I tried multiple times but each time Firefox 3.0 came back with the following error message.

    “Umleitungsschleife” (Redirect Loop)
    The connection attempt was cancelled because the website redirected the request so that it would never complete.

    Please feel free to try it out for yourself. Do you have any other suggestions?


    PS. As soon as I added a supported language (EN) back into the browser, the WEB site worked ok again.

    hm… thanks for bug report… i will check whats wrong…

    Hi Butuzov,

    thank you for the time you invest in your Multilingual plugin. I know you are currently working on a version of your plug-in for WordPress 2.6. Do you have any idea if this bug will be fixed in your new release?

    I’m sure you know that for me this is a serious bug since everyday I am losing many prospective visitors to my site and I cannot simply “turn-off” your plug-in since I need the two languages. I am happy to make a generous donation to your good work BUT if you have too many other obligations, I understand and I must look for another alternative.

    Please advise.

    P.S. I’m not sure if it makes any difference to this BUG but I have my Language Switching code in my Sidebar module (and not in the header or footer).

    can you message me via “help request?”

    i will try to help.


    I just wanted to publically thank Oleg for working with me to resolve this problem. It turned out to be a problem with a local vs. globally defined variable that Oleg quickly found once he had a look at my site. He assured me that this “bug fix” would be rolled into the new Version 2.0 of this plugin that he is currently working on.

    I can’t say enough good things about how friendly and helpful the service that Oleg is providing with this plug-in. My hat is off to you Oleg – keep up the good work and I look forward to trying out the new 2.0 plugin (which is now in Beta).

    As promised, It’s time to make a donation for your good work.



Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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