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    Hi Everyone,
    I have searched far and wide for a way to list CATEGORY titles (not post titles) by first letter, not a full list in alphabetic order but… a list that only displays category titles that start with “d” or whatever the desired letter.

    If you are curious of the usage, I am making an A B C D etc. nav and need it to list category titles that start with the respective letter.

    I have already found nateomedia’s plugin and it is for post so it wont work. I need category titles. Perhaps the bulk of the work is done with his plugin? i don’t know enough about php to say but i would think you could query the data base for category title instead of post title. but I dont know and that why i am here.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated because I am under a tight deadline here! Yikes!

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    Did you read my post at all?

    “not a full list in alphabetic order but… a list that only displays category titles that start with “d” or whatever the desired letter.”

    I was thinking maybe with nateomedia’s plugin the code could be modified to query category titles instead of post titles but not quite sure about how to do that. any takers? Pretty please? 🙂

    I was hoping that there might be an easier way to get this list with something like wp_list_cats and then just make a static ABC menu

    kaf? anyone?

    hello hello hello, is there anybody out there? < pink floyd

    Ok I will give one last feeble attempt to get some feedback.

    Here is the query from nateomedia’s wp-snap plugin:

    // Database query
    $wp_snap_posttitles = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT
    post_title, post_content, post_excerpt, ID, post_password FROM $wpdb->posts, $wpdb->post2cat WHERE post_id = ID AND post_status = ‘publish'”);

    Now couldnt you change this to query category titles instead of post titles?

    scratch that. the plugin wouldnt work for my use.

    Basically all i want, is a tag that works just like :

    but to be able to specify only titles that begin with a certain letter. This is totally fiction but something like this:


    If it can’t be done will someone please say so. Anykind of feedback would be greatly aprecciated.

    I guess no one knows…. and of course, I personally don’t know definitively because it’s not something I’ve ever needed myself; and searching (you DID search, right?) didn’t apparently turn up anything for you.

    Thing is, there’s no reason to require anyone to state that it can’t be done. If anyone KNEW how to do it, presumably that individual would have already stepped up to your plate.

    vkaryl I never meant to offend you, I cant help feel your negativity in that post.I appreciate all the help from everyone. Any feedback is better than none. You telling you that you have never seen it makes me feel better because I have searched everywhere. Any suggestions? or Alternatives?

    Negative only in that you’ve bumped a LOT the last few days…. which isn’t appreciated….

    Alternatives. There’s this one…. – I don’t know if it can be tweaked to do what you want.

    Other than that, you might look at the script sites to see if an alpha sorter is available which you can make work with wp. And that might mean posting a contact link here to find someone to do this for you for pay. That may be the only way at this point to get what you need.

    Thank you vkaryl. Feedback appreciated! Sorry for the bumps. Just was expecting someone to say something like yay or nay. My apologies again.

    Ok, I’ve been appropriately bugged about this. ;)

    I don’t see a reason wp_list_cats() can’t be customized to do what’s being asked of it. I have a day free tomorrow, which will give me a chance to tinker a bit and rig a solution.

    I am such a nuisance. lol I am sorry guys but don’t think your work is unappreciated. I am glad you think it’s do-able!

    I think alot of people would appreciate this tag for the fact that they could build menus like:




    or do like I am gonna do and have a nav of letters (A B C) bring you to a page that lists the categories of that letter

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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