wp_list_bookmarks says Blogroll not Bookmarks (3 posts)

  1. lisaps
    Posted 8 years ago #

    In my sidebar I am using the following template tag: <?php wp_list_bookmarks(); ?>

    Rather than titling my list of links as Bookmarks as it's supposed to in from bookmark-template.php, it's titling it Blogroll and I can't change it. I have no idea where it's coming from.

  2. Spiewgels
    Posted 8 years ago #

    For me, I've now forgot how I changed things but pretty much I had this logic to follow: First, I went into my template tags (for me it's my right sidebar) Find the template file in your theme editor that calls to the wp_list_bookmarks. I've listed MY function call to read like this --> <?php wp_list_bookmarks('between=<br />&categorize=0&show_images=0&title_li=0&orderby=rand&show_rating=0&show_updated=1'); ?>

    What the title_li=0 did was to turn OFF the default title of Bookmarks so that I could force my own title using this --> <?php _e('Blogroll'); ?> Since it is the case that you want to use the default title of Bookmarks then you should add that title_li attribute to the wp_list_bookmarks if you don't already have it in there and make it so that it says title_li=1 (The 1 makes it so that the default of Bookmarks shows up) Let me know how this works for you.

  3. leadegroot
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Its reporting the named category of the blogroll.
    You can edit in the Dashboard
    In 2.3.x at Blogroll > Categories
    In 2.2.x you can change at Manage > Categories
    (Or poke around - I do wish they would stop moving stuff!)

    I had to read the source to see why its doing this! If you set categorize=0 in the wp_list_bookmarks parameters then it will obey your title_li parameter.
    (This is probably what Spiewgels meant, but he mistyped)

    Hope it helps!

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