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  • Hi,

    After upgrading to WP2.1 to my shock and horror, all my link categories had been converted to empty post categories. After my initial shock, I decided to conform to the new blogroll system and assigned all links to regular categories and deleted all the emty converted ones… Sadly, the system doesn’t allow me to delete that last (default) link category. Now I have two default categories in my category list. Hope that will not create problems later on… Anyway, here’s my remaining problem:

    I cannot seem to get wp_list_bookmarks() to return a < li >< / li > item list without any category headings or wrapping < ul >…< / ul > around it

    Tried about every combination of the related arguments I can find on

    This comes closest:
    but STILL there is a wrapping <li id=”linkuncat” class=”linkcat”>< ul >…< /ul >

    Oh, and what about the option ‘show_description’? That doesn’t seem to work at all! 🙁

    Anybody in a hurry to release 2.1 ?!?

    If anyone can point me to the right arguments, I’ll be happy to change the documentation…

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  • Found undocumented arguments
    to com one step closer, but STILL that wrapping <ul ></ul > 🙁

    And here is my workaround (he replyed to himself)!

    instead of using wp_list_bookmarks(); I got this to echo me a simple list-item list:

    echo _walk_bookmarks(get_bookmarks(”),”);

    Hey thanks. I was looking at the same issues. Your workaround works for me. You can pass mostly the same args to get_bookmarks() too, but if you can ever figure out how to do it with wp_list_bookmarks() let us know. I’m still playing around with it myself.

    As far as having 2 default categories, I noticed that too. Under options you can now set a default post cat and a default bookmark cat (or I guess they could be the same). So it looks like this is perfectly ok, although it would have been nice if it said ‘Default Bookmark’ or something like that.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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