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  • Hi all!

    I am building a site that has ~50 pages. Each page has its own list of bookmarks.

    To manage the bookmarks I would like to use the Link Manager.

    For each page I will create a link category and fill it with links that pertain to a page.

    To write the most streamlined logic, I would like to grab the page slug that I am currently on – and use it as the parameter for the category_name within wp_list_bookmarks.

    I have found that category_name is not working at all tho… and the functional reference is not helping 🙁

    any thoughts or help would be appreciate!!


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  • ping

    Otto? Anybody??

    has anyone been able to pass the category_name as a parameter for wp_list_bookmarks??






    Yeah, I think I could be suffering the same problem. Am fairly new to WP and just started coding my own templates. Am trying to do exactly the same – group of categories per page, linked via page-slug and category_name.

    Have it working, but as soon as I add the category_name to the function args it returns nothing.

    Am going to check out the IRC channel, see if I can get it confirm or denied.





    Am trying to get this confirmed. Have frequented the IRC channel to no avail.

    Am struggling to believe there is just the two of us with the problem *lol* which would imply I’m doing something wrong *lol*


    Seems to work with the full category name but does NOT work with teh category slug. Is that your experience? it also works with category=ID instead of using the category_name paramenter.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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