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  1. groovyKimo
    Posted 9 years ago #


    For me this was not possible (see title), also the category_name parameter is not working as described. So I found this workaround to list a single link category and call it with '$cat_id', and '$title' is the title of the category:

    $output = '';
    <li id="Links"><h2><?php echo $title; ?></h2>
        $bookmarks = get_bookmarks("category=$cat_id");
        $output .= str_replace(array('%id', '%class'), array("linkuncat", $class), $category_before);
        $output .= "$title_before$title_li$title_afternt<ul>n";
        $output .= _walk_bookmarks($bookmarks);
        $output .= "nt</ul>n$category_aftern";
        echo $output

    This is an adapted piece of code from bookmark_templates.php. Maybe someone find this useful, it took me two days... ;)

    I like WP 2.1 and the new category system is great! Thanks to the devs - hope you will fix this bookmarkissue soon.

  2. asamuels
    Posted 9 years ago #

    SO are you saying that we have to do this and the new linking structure between link category and category pages doesnt work??

    I started a thread on my same issue here:


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