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  • Might be a bit of an edge case and I’m not even sure how I made this happen BUT…

    if the wp_links table has been deleted AND the link_manager_enabled option is still TRUE, you get this error when you’re trying to add a new rss feed.

    Like I said, I’m not even sure how I managed to pull this off, I think I may have manually dropped the links table without knowing there was a link_manager_enabled setting (until trying to debug this issue).

    In other fun news, setting the value of link_manager_enabled manually to 0 from 1 does work in getting the links menu to disappear, however, re-loading the wp-admin will reset it back to 1.

    –The only solution, as far as I could figure out, was to remove the link manager option entirely.–

    Update: Nope, that didn’t work either. So I’m back to not being able to add a feed.

    Rather than checking for the option, it might be worth checking for the existence of the links table or adding that to the check.

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  • …yeah…just read the inline comments closer. Guess it’s sort of by design that the link_manager_enabled option gets flipped on, which leaves me SOL having dropped the table (as well as anyone with a fresh WordPress install which doesn’t build the wp_links table).

    I’m seeing a similar issue with WP 3.5.1. The link manager functionality apparently has been removed and FeedWordPress has some sort of dependency from what I can tell.

    You can use this plugin to re-enable the link manager and it fixes the issue for me. Here is the plugin:

    Thanks @dspilka — that works as a short-term fix. With fresh WordPress installs, the wp_links table is never created (which is what you are looking at/referring to). In my case I just dropped that table from the database manually since I knew it was being deprecated.

    Looking at the code (mostly going off the comments), it looks like FeedWordPress is using the links manager more for the user roles/capabilities as opposed to actually using the links manager, which makes it both easier to fix (since it’s not really relying on anything specific to the links manager, per se) and harder to fix (since roles and capabilities are generally used as checks throughout a plugin so the whole thing would need to be audited if that was the case and all those checks changed to other roles/capabilities).

    Actually, using the Link Manager plugin didn’t work for me either. I still get wp_table doesn’t exist when I try to add a feed.

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