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  • This is bugging the heck out of me. Essentially I’ve narrowed the issue down to one line of code:

    $user_id = wp_insert_user ($userdata);

    From what I can tell nothing should be echoed here, but I should get the user_id returned from the wp_insert_user function. What I’m getting though is the email and other values echoed back.

    I’ve since looked at the user.php file and targeted the issue at line 1371, here’s the code there

    if ( $update )
        do_action('profile_update', $user_id, $old_user_data);
        do_action('user_register', $user_id);

    I’m at a complete loss and this is breaking my JSON response so I need to figure it out soon. My ajax returns 200 with this response:

    email value {success:true, field:value, …}

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    So I was able to debug and print the hooks attached to ‘user_register’ using a tool found here: With that I was able to do a identify all hook calls and as expected this is all I see.

    >>>>>	user_register 10
        (object) PodioAPI -> podio_registration (1)
        (object) acf_everything_fields -> save_user (1)

    When I used the tool to post the hooks as they are called (live mode) my JSON response came back with those same hooks as well as this one: WP_Internal_Pointers::dismiss_pointers_for_new_users
    But I have no idea what that is. Hoping this will help somebody to help me, I really need to get this figured out asap. At this point the only option (which does work) is to edit those lines of code at 1371 in the user.php, but I know the dangers of editing the core functionality and would rather not. Thanks you for any help I can get.

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